*In order to signup below for our new online system, you must have been through a Liturgical Ministry training at Santa Teresa Parish.  If you haven’t, please contact to schedule.

Liturgical Ministry Schedule<– click here to go to Signup Genius

Our ministry schedule is online. If you have any questions on how to schedule, please contact or 408-629-7777 Ext. 110.  She will either sign you up, or arrange time to show you how to do it yourself with a training at the office.

A couple tips:

  • Our Online system is automatically sorted by date.  Find the date you are looking for, then the Mass time and then the position.
  • You can sign-up for multiple dates at the same time (i.e. you don’t have to go in and out for each date you sign up.
  • You can swap places with someone online or cancel your time/date if something comes up and ask he person that will cover to then signup for that position after you cancel.
  • Again, if you have any issues, contact or 408-629-7777 Ext. 110 and someone will arrange time to show you how to do it yourself with a training at the office.


The viewing is automatically a calendar, but you may choose to look at the list view at any time by clicking on the yellow “List View” button at the top right of the calendar.

If you are signing up for yourself and your husband/wife/child, you will need to sign up for one person at a time.  i.e. sign up for all the dates you want to serve and submit, then sign up for your wife/husband/child and at the end of the process click the box that says, “Display an alternative name”.  Then you can have only one email for multiple people signing up.

Below are instructions for the Calendar View signup.  Here’s what it looks like

sign up genius 1


You will then click on the date you want to start signing up for.  Please sign up for multiple dates through the end of the months posted.  This way you only have to sign up once every three months or so.  You will get email reminders three days before each volunteer day.

You can sign up for multiple days by following the instructions below.

sign up genius 2

Select the position you want to volunteer for.  Then press “Select Other Days”.

The calendar will pop up again and you will select the next date and click

“Select Other Days” until you are finished selecting days.

Once you are finished selecting dates, click the Brown “Submit and Sign Up” button

sign up genius 3

This is the area where you will select an alternative name for a husband/wife/child.  (remember to select dates for you first and submit.  Then go back and selects dates for your husband/wife/child and submit those, one person at a time.

The box that says “Send me a confirmation email with iCalendar (.ics) file” is only if you want a confirmation email that shows you all the dates you signed up for.  Even if you don’t click this box, you will still get reminders 3 days prior to your date of serving.  It will also have a link that can place this on your computer’s calendar – if you have an online calendar.

Please call 408-629-7777 ex 110 Tuesdays 1-5pm and Thursday 9:0am-1pm to help with your process!!