Santa Teresa Golden GemsGolden Gems 2018

Santa Teresa Golden Gems is an organization uniting persons over fifty in a community that provides social opportunities, promotes spirituality and offers support services to Santa Teresa parish.

The Golden Gems meet in Avila Hall the first Wednesday of each month at 10:30am to share lunches of pizza, salads, sandwiches, potluck and other good food. Meetings begin with coverage of new and old business, then lunch followed by bingo, a speaker or entertainment.

There are several special events throughout the year. We celebrate Christmas with a catered feast and entertainment. The Tea and Fashion Show in August is a demonstration of members participating in every facet of the celebration.

This event along with the annual Father’s Day Bake Sale generates profits that help support financial endeavors at Santa Teresa parish including improvements to the church, Avila Hall, the Christmas Giving Tree and various other ministries within the parish. We also support organizations who provide speakers such as Grateful Garments, Special Olympics and the Salvation Army.

Above all, we enjoy being together and having fun.


President, Judy Scally

Vice-President:    Clare Landry

Secretary:    Jackie Turnipseed

Treasurer:    Anita Romero

Executive Board Members

Elected Officers

Past Presidents