Father George Aranha, Pastor of Santa Teresa Parish


Reverend George Aranha

(408) 629-7777 Ext. 104, Pager (408) 236-2038

Fr. George Aranha has been Pastor of Santa Teresa parish since July of 2014. He was born and raised in Bombay, India and came from a family of 8 siblings.  He joined the seminary in Bombay but ended up completing Philosophy and Theology in Rome, Italy. He became a Deacon in Germany and was ordained a priest in Bombay. Since 1983 Fr. George has served the Diocese of San Jose getting his Masters in Religious Studies from Santa Clara University and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco.  He has a love for languages, travel, movies, music, preaching, and celebrating Sacraments. Father George loves being a priest.

Pastoral Associate/RCIA Coordinator

Lynda DeManti

(408) 629-7777 Ext. 105

Office Manager

Donna Ingoglia

(408) 629-7777 Ext. 102 

Faith Formation & Sacramental Prep Coordinator

Denise Fulton

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Faith Formation Administrative Assistant

Sherri Butler

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Administrative Assistant

Rae Almeida

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JoJo DeGuzman

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