Who’s Taking Care of the Caregiver Meeting June 7th at 7pm in SJC

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Who’s Taking CARE of the Caregiver?

Thursday, June 7th at 7:00pm in SJC (between Mary’s Garden and Office)

Are You or someone you know a Caregiver who is…
. . . Helping a family member struggling with the Ups & Downs of life?
. . . Feeling lonely, frustrated, discouraged, unappreciated, maybe a little angry?
. . . OR, even guilty for feeling unable to speak up for what you really want, need or deserve? Because you are not the one sick?
. . . And feeling invisible and don’t know how to become visible or validated?

This will be our last monthly meeting.  We will NOT be meeting in July or Aug. We will  NO longer be meeting once a month. Our goal is to offer meetings 2-3 times throughout the year and a one day retreat focusing on “Who’s taking CARE of the Caregiver” instead. If you have any questions or need more support contact Gina at 408-892-4933 or maserogina@gmail.com.