Sandy Mory Remembers

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Sandy Mory RemembersSandy Mory

We came as a family in 1970 several years after the founding of Santa Teresa parish in 1967 with Fr. Bob Coffey as the first pastor. [There are many stories around the naming of the parish, but let us suffice it to say that Fr. Coffey really had deep admiration for Therese of Liseaux and that is the feast day I remember celebrating in the early days of this community.]

The parish was alive and exciting and we were eager to become a part. Roy became a catechist in the Junior High process and I became a catechist in Early Childhood and worked in the nursery held in what are now the food pantry and the kitchen.  (I am an RN and was working 2 nights a week at O’Connor at the time.} We had three young children and we were swept up into the caring on going faith formation processes and outreach of Santa Teresa.    Santa Teresa from the early days has answered the Question: Who do you say I am? With care for the community, with outreach, with education and formation in the name of Jesus.\

The arrival of the Fides Community was an important development in the history of Santa Teresa Parish.  Fides was involved in catechetical formation, adult faith formation, marriage enrichment all with support from   other active lay ministers  The Parish Community under the leadership of Fr Coffey was involved, in celebrations such as festivals, bingo, parish picnics, Art and Wine Shows, New Years Eve dances, and providing opportunities for people to come together to play bridge and to learn arts and crafts.  There were Gilbert and Sullivan productions, elaborate Christmas Pageants, and catechist thank you luncheons and dinners which turned into major productions. For many of us, our close family friends were members of Santa Teresa. Many were involved working in Christians for Involvement reaching out to the newly arrived immigrants, providing food for those families in need, providing transportation for undocumented to medical appointments.  The community celebrated Emmanu-el, God with us.

It seems we were a community that reached out to the world. It was an exciting time following the changes of Vatican II.  It was a time to innovative, to experiment, and most importantly to seek the answer to the questions:  Who do people say I am?  Who do you say I Am? On going  Formation of parishioners was encourage as we all scrambled to learn what was current  in the world post Vatican II.  I began my formation and education through the sessions offered by the Word and Worship office and the Catechetical office of the Diocese as well as all the opportunities offered in parish with Fides, with Joe Wise and a variety of wonderful presenters…  I continued on staff with Msgr. Pat Brown as Director of Catechetical Ministry while getting my Master’s Degree from Santa Clara University. {Fr. George and I were there at the same time and on occasion carpooled.} With Fr. Kenny I was Pastoral Associate and retired from the position in 2002.   Roy continued working with Lectors and on the Liturgical Committee until his death after my retirement from the staff.  I was young in the beginning…..I was swept up in Camelot!  I know everything was not perfect, not everyone was enthusiastic.  However, I do remember the coming together, of celebrating the real presence of Christ within the community and the call to go forth and spread the good news.  This legacy continues today as Santa Teresa continues to reach out to the parish community as well as the broader community.