Remembrance of the Dead All Soul’s

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Remembrance of the Dead All Soul’s

 Wednesday, November 2nd
Masses will at 6:30 and 8:30am, Noon and 7:30pm
all souls

We invite all those who lost a loved one to the 7:30 pm Mass for a special remembrance of your love one

During the month of November it is the custom of our Church to remember all those who have died.  We will be setting up our traditional Altar of Remembrance and invite you to place a photo of your deceased loved ones on the altar.  They will remain there during the entire month of November.

You are also invited to write the names  of your loved ones in our Parish Book of the Dead.  The  parish community will  remember your  deceased loved ones in their prayers and liturgies all throughout the month of November.  You may drop your photos off at the parish office, place your photos on the altar or in the basket provided in the vestibule. (Please be sure that your name and phone number are on the back of each photo. And please mark the photo NEW if this is the first time the photo has been placed on the altar).  Santa Teresa cannot be responsible for photos left without names or phone numbers.

All Souls Envelopes are also available in the vestibule and a donation of your choice is greatly appreciated.