Update on Pilgrimages for 2021- 2022


  1. October 4th – 14th, 2021, a 11-day Pilgrimage to the Marian Shrines    (Portugal, Spain, and France) and Barcelona.
  2. February 7th – 18th, 2022, a 12-day Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Rome
  3. May 24th – June 4th, 2022, a 12-day Pilgrimage to Germany, Austria, and Prague including the Passion Play of Oberammergau
  4. September 12th – 23rd, 2022, a 12-day Pilgrimage to Poland and Eastern Europe

If you are interested in joining us for any of these pilgrimages, just think about it for now; and if you need more information, please email me: george.aranha@dsj.org or leave a message for me: 1-408-629-7777 ext. 104.