Avila Hall Rental – Located in South San Jose

Avila Hall Rental

This information is subject to change, so please contact Sherri Butler at the office 408-629-7777 Ext. 103 to confirm pricing and availability or you can email her at sherri@santateresachurch.com.

  • To hold the date/time, a $500 rental deposit must be paid (this is separate from the Hall Rental Fee and part of it may be refundable depending upon the amount of cleaning you do).
  • For Registered Parishioners*: The hall rental is $500 for 3 hours and $100 for every hour after that.  The rest of the rental is due 30 days prior to the event.
  • For Non-Registered Parishioners: The hall rental is $700 for 3 hours and $200 for every hour after that.  The rest of the rental is due 30 days prior to the event.
  • There is insurance coverage required that can obtained through an approved provider from the Diocese.  Fees vary but are approximately:  $100-$400 depending upon the number of attendees and having liquor liability.  You can see the pricing by clicking on the link below.
  • A $500 security deposit is due 30 days prior to the event. This is separate from the rental.  You will have the option to clean the hall yourselves, within the allotted rental time or we will keep $300 of the deposit to pay for cleaning services.
  • The space is approximately 5,000 square feet and 80×64.
  • The maximum number of people allowed in the Hall is 300.
  • The rental comes with use of 120 chairs and 15 round tables.  If you need extra tables, they are rentable at $5 per table.  We don’t have the ability to rent chairs beyond 120.  You may bring your own folding or rented folding chairs.
  • The Kitchen is non-commercial which means there is no cooking allowed.  You may use the refrigerator/freezer (provided there is space) and the warmer and counters.
  • You may bring music to play, but it must be off by 10pm.
  • The hall can be rented until Midnight (but no music after 10pm).
  • SATURDAYS:  We do not rent from 4:30pm-6:30pm due to Reconciliation and Mass
  • SUNDAYS:  We do not rent from 8am-12:30pm due to Masses.

In order to book the hall (and save the date on our calendar), we require the insurance to be purchased, the deposit paid, and the contract signed.

We have many events, so it’s helpful for you to let me know what date/dates you are considering, to confirm if the date/time is open.  Call me if you have any further questions or would like to look at dates or book the hall. Do not purchase insurance until you confirm the Hall is available.

Thank you!

*Registered parishioner means you have registered via our registration form and in our system for more than one year ago.

Diocese Insurance Information 

CHECKLIST of what must be done prior to leaving the Hall

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Avila Hall - for rent Avila Hall - for rent